Educational Services and School Consultation

Educational Services and School Consultation:

At we offer CPD to Parents and teachers and we also offer screening tools to identify students that may have difficulties and those in the gifted range.

On site or online talks for school communities: Suitable for Parent Evenings and Senior Students

Option 1 - Using psychometric testing as a tool to assist you in your career choice

Option 2 – CAO, College application and Career options for 6th year students and parents

Option 3 – Goal setting /Exam Techniques & Study skills for Senior Students

Option 4 – Subject Choice and career decisions – for students entering senior cycle and parents


Schools, Parent Groups or organisations who wish to book these talks and workshops please contact us directly for availability and cost.

Screening Tools to assist identify a student that may have Learning Difficulties or those in the gifted Category

questions selects tests carefully based on the needs of the child/young person, further to discussion with parents and/or teachers. Below is a range of tests that we are accredited to administer and follow up with recommended interventions.

Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Tests

Transitioning to higher levels of Thinking & Learning (Literacy & Maths)

Science & Maths Tests

Test Practice in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning


Check out for all your assistance and supports in mathematics.

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