The Importance of Good Career Guidance

We believe here at that many very capable students do not achieve their full potential as they make the wrong subject/course choices and career decisions based upon not having all the facts. That is the reason why 1 in 7 students that started out in third level college last September will have drop out by the following May. It is of utmost importance to discuss your plans to help you make the best choice possible and this starts when you are choosing the subjects for your Leaving Certificate. That is the main driving force behind

The Facts about making an informed career choice and key points worth noting around the cost of a poor decision:

  1. Dropout rate across our universities in the Republic of Ireland 3rd is 17% in first year.
  2. The figure for Level 6 and 7 courses in Institute of Technology is 27%.
  3. There is a direct correlation of dropout rates to leaving certificate results.
  4. Cost of going to college is quoted as approximately €8000 per student if they stay at home, and approximately €13,000 if away from home per annum.
  5. Tuition fees are covered, once you meet the criteria, and once you undertake a full-time undergraduate course and progress. If you have to repeat first year or any other year due to failing exam(s) or changing course you have the added cost of tuition fees. This can be anything up to €10,000 depending on the course and what has to be repeated.
  6. There are other costs to consider if you make a poor career decision such as the emotional costs. If you pick a course you do not like, you are less likely to study, your grades will be sub-standard and you may fail. The cost of such mistakes are multiple – financial cost, cost to your confidence, feeling lost and directionless

Over the years I have seen students invest huge time and effort into their studies, added grinds, revision courses, extra subjects and tuition outside school, with the intention to maximise their results. Achieving your best academic results will maximise access to a wide range of options, selecting the best ones that suit your interests, aptitudes, personality requires time and effort to ensure your investment of study time leads you in the best matched educational and/or career path.

I would recommend a senior cycle student spends time and the necessary research on courses and colleges they intend to study at. Subject choice is one of the first considerations when looking at careers, and marks the beginning of your journey to effective career decisions. Investing time and energy in this decision is extremely important.

Finally parents offer an important contribution in this process of discovery. Parents offer very valuable insights into the strengths, abilities, talents of their children and as a result are very important in the process of providing career planning.

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