What is Psychometric testing?

At Careerplanning.ie we offer career profiling:

Our career profiling test actually builds a psychometric model of which you are and matches you against career data we collect from multiple sources. Many students benefit from examining their career profile. This is an opportunity to examine their skills and strengthens in the way they learn also to look at their subject choices and CAO options. We provide a comprehensive range of Interest, Aptitude and Personality tests, which are tailored to meet the needs of students.

What is Psychometric testing?

Psychometric testing is a scientific way to learn more about your abilities, your motivation, your personality, Career values and interests. The information you gain from Psychometric testing can give you the confidence to approach decision-making, new courses, interviews and new directions differently.

Why Psychometric tests?

Psychometric Tests are administered for the purpose of assessing Personality; Ability & Occupational domains. The test results give you more accurate information about yourself so you can make better decisions to enhance your life and your career.


  • Finding the best Career Match for you
  • Psychometric testing can help you to maximise your potential by finding an optimal match between personality and career choice.
  • Psychometric testing should only be carried out by an accredited Psychometric tester. Test selection is made by the accredited tester following discussion of the individual’s needs and desired goals. Dr Brendan Lydon is an accredited tester with the British Psychological Society and also a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland
  • The results of psychometric tests are used for coaching purposes, to coach the individual about and towards their desired goals.

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